Vision Therapy
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Vision therapy

After studying behavioral optometry over the past few years, Jane Staunton Machin has developed a more holistic approach to eye care which complements more conventional optometric practice.

Behavioural optometry is a specialisation within Optometry that focuses attention on the quality of visual skills rather than just the ability to “see”.

It investigates how the brain, eyes and body work together as a team and although we are born with a pair of eyes, the process of understanding what we see is a learned skill.

Vision therapyBehavioural optometrists use lenses, filters and exercises to help develop a more efficient and complete visual processing allowing improved performance and co-ordination at school, in sports and also in the workplace.

Conditions which can be helped include:

  • Dyslexia / Dyspraxia
  • Poor hand writing
  • Lack of concentration / Reading difficulties
  • Lazy Eyes or Squints
  • Headaches, double vision / Poor co-ordination
“Vision Therapy is a very rewarding part of my work. For example, after treating a little boy who was labeled with learning difficulties, he told me he had come top in his maths class!”

Jane Staunton Machin – Optometrist

Most people who visit an optometrist know that any eye health problems will be detected and managed and that glasses or contact lenses will be prescribed if indicated.

That picture may be incomplete because there are visual conditions that could be managed by optometric vision therapy or behavioural optometry. This therapy enables an individual to learn more efficient ways to perform visually.

It is an art and science of vision care that complements the prescription of spectacles, contact lenses and the treatment of eye disease.

Optometric vision therapy can improve visual function much like physical therapy can improve general motor function.

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